This ad got people talking and got a million and a half views on You Tube.  Since there are many options for website design, none of them well known, an ad that generates this kind of buzz is a big advantage.

What does the ad communicate about Squarespace.com?  It literally says nothing.  Whatever is communicated about Squarespace.com is communicated through the inferences of viewers.  Viewers, in effect, ask themselves “What sort of a company would create an ad like this and air it on the Super Bowl?  What viewers infer is far more believable than anything the ad might claim.

Viewers will likely conclude that Squarespace is fun, wild, and willing to take a chance on the unusual.  Squarespace seems ready to help any idea come to life, no matter how wacky it may seem, but viewers are unlikely to conclude that Squarespace makes building a website easy.

Two things hold back potential customers.  The first is that Squarespace doesn’t pop into their mind when they think about building a website.  This ad will help get Squarespace get the mental availability they seek.  The second is that people are worried that building a website is tough.  They fear website design is for professionals not ordinary people.  This ad could have done something about that fear but didn’t.

Are many people worried that their idea may be too wacky for website design?  Probably not.

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