NRG Works to Turn a Carbon-Belching Company Green

NRG Works to Turn a Carbon-Belching Company Green


NRG Energy is a giant power company. And, according to Forbes, “NRG Energy is one of the nation’s biggest operators of carbon-belching power plants.” But NRG is developing renewable energy resources and has committed to a 90% reduction in its carbon footprint by 2050.

NRG Energy would like to be associated, not with the massive amounts of fossil fuels it currently burns, but with the green energy projects it has begun. Rather than wait until green energy becomes a bigger part of their business, NRG Energy would like to be thought of as a green energy company now.

To accomplish its goal, NRG uses association in this online video. Association doesn’t depend on facts. Association only requires consistent pairing. This video pairs NRG with people choosing a source of power for charging their cell phones—fossil fuel, solar, or wind. The video shows people preferring power sourced from solar and wind and the video goes on to say that NRG is changing its source of power in the same way.

If it follows through with its plans, someday, NRG will be a green energy company. Right now, NRG is not a green energy company. Association is a powerful force for changing reputation because people don’t analyze data, they experience connections. Through association, NRG can become today, in the minds of consumers, the company it hopes to be in the future.

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