Nearly Everyone Wants Trump to Release His Tax Returns

Nearly Everyone Wants Trump to Release His Tax Returns


We are social animals. We place a lot of stock in what other people do and how other people feel. Without even thinking about it, we assume a popular restaurant, book, or movie is going to be good. The preferences of others guide our thoughts and we don’t even know it’s happening.

This web video attempts to influence how voters think by communicating that “nearly everyone” wants Trump to release his tax returns. It features prominent Republicans, and even Trump himself, talking about how important it is for Trump to release his hidden returns. It’s a little like learning that even vegetarians love a particular hot dog stand. You’d be hard pressed to not want to give that hot dog stand a try.

The ad, however, is linear and pedantic. No reason to want to watch it more than once. The interest value is simply in the man-bites-dog fact that even republicans suggest Trump release his tax returns.

Why not make the video fun to watch and share? Why not exploit the humor in an absurd situation? That might soften Clinton’s image a bit and she could use it.

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