More Data, More Booty

More Data, More Booty


Entertaining viewers is often a useful part of an ad’s ability to persuade.  On the Super Bowl, entertaining viewers is more than useful, it is essential.  If viewers aren’t entertained, they are disappointed with the advertiser.

T-Mobile uses Kim Kardashian to suggest that viewers switch carriers because, with T-Mobile, viewers can save data like some plans let cell phone users save minutes.  The joke is that downloading photos of Kim and her famous rear-end is an amazingly popular way to use data on a smart phone.

Kim does a great self-parody.  It’s funny.  It’s entertaining.

But viewers could watch almost the whole ad, get the joke, and miss the advertiser which appears only in the last few seconds.  Couldn’t T-Mobile enter the scene a little earlier?

What’s more, the possibility of more photos of Kim’s rear-end brings to life the attribute of saving data.  Of course, it could still have been funny bringing to life how it feels to be able to download those photos when others can not?

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