Monkeys Reveal the Essence of Ikea

Monkeys Reveal the Essence of Ikea


People judge brands like they would judge other humans, much more by what they do than by what they say. So an ad is best thought of as a behavior of the brand. People feel a brand’s behavior reveals its essence in a way its words won’t.

This ad of Ikea has says almost nothing explicitly but is wonderfully provocative behaviorally. Setting an open kitchen stocked with Ikea products in the jungle, inviting visits by monkeys and other creatures, and filming the animals’ interaction with the products is unexpected, attention-getting, and fun. The ad leads viewers to believe that the Ikea experience and Ikea products are relaxed, surprisingly clever, and, like these gorgeous animals, possess unanticipated style and grace.

The words on the screen, “Rediscover the joy of the kitchen,” seem unnecessary. The three words of spoken dialogue, “Ikea. Wonderful Everyday,” are all the summary that’s needed.

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