Milk’s Nutritious Leap

Milk’s Nutritious Leap



milkMilk’s nutrition gives kids wings. I get it, but I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with it. Not much left up to the imagination and not a very appetizing image.

When people are asked why they give their kids milk, they understandably say because milk’s nutrition is good for kids. So milk’s nutrition is the focus of the ad.

Are there a lot of people who don’t realize that milk is more nutritious for kids than the alternative?

If parents who do insist their kids drink milk and parents who don’t insist their kids drink milk both believe that milk is more nutritious than the alternative, then the perception of milk’s nutritional content doesn’t explain parents’ behavior.  Harping on milk’s nutrition is only telling parents what they already know and is not likely to help dairy farmers accomplish their goal.

The dairy industry can find out why some people insist their kids drink milk and others don’t, but they won’t find out by asking. People don’t know why they do what they do so they can’t tell you. The dairy industry may want to come at the question in a different way and find the real answer.

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