McDonald’s Transforms the Experience

McDonald’s Transforms the Experience


Advertising can transform the experience of visiting the store, standing in line, dealing with the counter people, and eating the product.  It may seem like magic but it’s basic psychology.

What we experience is in part due to physical sensations and in part due to what we expect to experience.  When done right, advertising gives the viewer a little sample of the optimum experience, helps create the expectation, and thereby enhances the experience.

With this ad, McDonald’s brings its tagline, ‘I’m Lovin’ it.” to life.  What McDonald’s offers viewers is not romantic love, not the rarified affection of perfect people, and certainly not exuberant passion.  McDonald’s associates itself with everyday expressions of happiness and love from ordinary people.

The ad is manipulative, making any viewer choke up just a bit.  Why McDonald’s did it or how McDonald’s did it is irrelevant.  McDonald’s makes us feel a certain way that we like to feel and that’s all that matters.  An advertiser is what it does no matter why or how it did it.

Everyday expressions of happiness and love from ordinary people—what a marvelous association for McDonald’s.

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