Takes Viewers to School Takes Viewers to School


The ad provides a sample of what I can expect from visiting—a pleasant date. Gets the name,, out there and associates the name with a sample of the reward. This is a step forward.

The rest of the ad is squandered opportunity.

The ad is trying to solve two problems at once: (1) people hesitate to use online dating sites and; (2) people who are using online dating sites are going to other online dating sites. Given the growth in use of online dating sites, doesn’t have to worry about the first problem. That problem seems to be curing itself. needs to fix the one real problem—that people are going to other online dating sites instead of

The ad contains a lot of information, both said by the announcer and printed on screen. The approach assumes viewers are paying attention as if there was going to be a test. But, of course, viewers don’t pay attention. Unfortunately, when the announcer’s fact-heavy dialogue is typed on the screen, the experience begins to feel like being in class. is right to emphasize their size advantage. People pay an awful lot of attention to the preferences of others when forming their own preferences. But surely there is some way to visually represent’s big size advantage. It’s a shame to limit that wonderful advantage to words on a screen.


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