Leg Guitar and Castrating Cancer

Leg Guitar and Castrating Cancer


The ability of cancer cells to reproduce wildly in the body makes them unique and lethal. Take away the ability to replicate and cancer cells are no longer a threat.

Remedy Plan is an organization taking this new approach to stopping cancer. They call it “Cancer Containment Therapy.” This video accompanies their Indiegogo donation request. (Fund Remedy Plan)

The reason to donate to Remedy Plan is that, if it’s successful, in the future, people who get cancer will be able to live a normal life. That is a strong reward, but, strong as it is, it’s still uncertain, delayed, and rational.

This video, done on a shoestring, shows how to make such a powerful reward even more compelling by transforming it from delayed to immediate, from uncertain to certain, and from rational to emotional. The transformation is accomplished by focusing on feeling. With the help of the edited photos, footage, voice over, and music, donors get the emotional feeling of helping people with cancer live a full and vibrant life. That feeling is theirs immediately and without a doubt.

The words of science may not be long remembered, but the commitment behind them will be as will a startling phrase or two like “Make cancer harmless.”

The video asks a viewer to make a donation and, in return, feel like you’re helping castrate cancer and extend vibrant lives. Seems like a reasonable trade-off.

Full disclosure: the lead scientist is my son.

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