Land Rover’s Exotic Fatalities

Land Rover’s Exotic Fatalities

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This series of ads paints a picture of the Land Rover driver without a word of description.  Each ad features a nasty-sounding bug found only in an exotic location smashed on the windshield of a Land Rover.  If you asked readers to tell you about Land Rover drivers based on these ads, those readers would give you a detailed description of the interesting, independent, and adventurous people who drive Land Rovers.  Readers would even be able to tell you the clothes Land Rover drivers probably wear and what sort of jobs Land Rover drivers have.  When readers infer that image of Land Rover drivers, they find it more believable than if the ad attempted to show such interesting, adventurous people.

Exotic bugs on windshields speak volumes about Land Rover drivers but do they say enough about the Land Rover SUV?  Land Rover is a very expensive alternative.  Isn’t it possible to highlight some small detail about the car that suggests that Land Rover is not an ordinary SUV but rather is the high-quality route to the adventurous feeling that many drivers desire?  Any SUV can do exotic bugs on windshields.  Land Rover may want to take a higher road.

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