KFC Has Fun with the Colonel

KFC Has Fun with the Colonel


This is an ad with two different messages.

The first message is that KFC has changed. It’s a little more hip, a little more fun. The ad communicates the new attitude at KFC by casting Norm MacDonald as the Colonel, making light of the traditional spokesman, and claiming that previous comedian cast as the colonel, Darrell Hammond, is not the real Colonel Sanders.

The viewer understandably assumes that an updated brand personality implies an updated brand experience. If KFC is a little more hip, a little more fun than, it’s normal to expect a customer experience that’s a little more hip and fun.

But the second message of the ad is that KFC offers exactly the same food served up in exactly the same way.

The spokesman is contemporary, but the restaurant itself is stuck in a time warp.

The two messages cancel each other out.

The contemporary spokesman can help KFC come to mind a little more quickly, but it is the same old KFC that comes to mind.

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