Johnson Thinks Big for Babies

Johnson Thinks Big for Babies


This marvelous Johnson’s ad does many things right.

Most importantly, the ad thinks big: stimulating your baby’s senses, nurturing her mind, helping her development, and, left unsaid, making you a wonderful parent. What could be bigger? The ad might have stopped at the scent, the lather, and the tiny bubbles of a Johnson’s bath. But persuasive advertising goes beyond product attributes to the emotional experience of using the product.

The ad talks about what people desperately want and shows them how to get it. It positions buying the product as a pathway to their desire.

In associating Johnson’s baby products with stimulating your baby’s senses nurturing her mind, and helping her development, the ad doesn’t have to say anything about product safety. Viewers can’t resist drawing the inference that a company associated with such things must be caring and careful. The ad enhances trust in the Johnson’s brand. A good ad doesn’t say what viewers can and will provide on their own.

Finally, the slow motion close-up of the smiling baby in the bath is riveting. Her smile is contagious.

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