Jaw-Dropping Color

Jaw-Dropping Color


When any brand name pops into our mind, possibly because we have seen the brand in a store or on a retail flyer, that brand name pulls other concepts along with it. This linking of concepts is called association. It is basic to our evaluation of any brand and central to our choices.

What associations pop into the mind along with Glidden, or Behr, or Sherwin-Williams, or Benjamin Moore? How do those associations compare to the associations that pop into mind with Valspar? Associations work both ways, of course. It’s not only the concepts that Valspar pulls into mind but also the reverse, the concepts that pull Valspar into mind.

If you are like many people, Valspar brings little or nothing to mind, and few concepts bring Valspar to mind.

Valspar has set out to change that situation with a marvelous online video associating the Valspar brand with helping the color blind see color.  Valspar, working with EnChroma, a manufacturer of color blindness correcting glasses, is raising awareness of color blindness and providing correcting glasses to some individuals. The video allows viewers to witness the awe of colorblind people seeing their first real sunset or seeing, for the first time, the colors in their kids’ drawings. Watching the video is an emotional experience that links the Valspar brand with altruism and with the jaw-dropping reactions of color blind people discovering color.

Association is a simple idea but a powerful marketing tool. All it takes to associate two concepts is repeated pairing. If the pairing is emotional, the effect is amplified. Valspar has shown it plays the association game well.

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