Irresistible Proposal

Irresistible Proposal



verawangEverything readers learn about Vera Wang Bride, they learn from the image—the dress, the prospective bride, and the interaction between the two. No verbiage gets in the way. Vera Wang knows that the audience does not need to be beaten over the head with the message.  Anything Very Wang would claim about its dresses or its wearers would be likely to be ignored at best and counterproductive at worst.

In fact, the message is more effective because the audience participates and draws its own conclusions. Responding to an ad is not a rational exercise like filling out a tax return. It is a simple, largely non-conscious, act of perception. Just as we effortlessly make sense of the millions of bits of light taken in by the eye as we form a coherent 3D image, so we effortlessly make sense of the ad and, at the same time, form an impression of the brand.

The striking, unconventional, fun, and fabulous dress, combined with the attractive, unpretentious, deliriously happy, and fun-loving wearer, tell readers all they need to know. It’s not logic. It’s simple association. And it works.

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