Invisible in a Buick

Invisible in a Buick



The ad tells viewers that people fail to recognize the Buick when it is right in front of them because people don’t expect much from a Buick.

Buick wants to convince viewers that its cars are much cooler than they expect. But the emphasis is not on today’s hip and sophisticated Buicks. The emphasis is on the fact that right now, everybody thinks Buicks are uncool cars.

People could have been oohing and aahing over the very desirable car that they are surprised to learn is a Buick. Instead, viewers are left with the feeling that if they tell people that they bought a Buick, people won’t be impressed.

Dramatize the coolness of the cars–not today’s poor expectations.

UPDATE: The original ad I reviewed is no longer available.  Buick has taken that earlier ad down.  For this ad, Buick has added more car appreciation.  The ad now works a bit better, but still too much emphasis on today’s poor expectations for a Buick.

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