Toyota’s truck is invisible and its ad  is pointless.

Toyota’s truck is invisible and its ad is pointless.


An invisible truck that still growls, still throws gravel, and still stirs dust when driven aggressively is a new idea.  But what’s the point?

Bill Bernbach, the founder of the creative revolution in advertising, and a great intuitive persuader said, “You are NOT right in your ad if you stand a man on his head JUST to get attention.  You ARE right if you have him on his head to show how your product keeps things from falling out of his pockets.”

As a creative technique, the invisible truck contributes only confusion.  Viewers, trying to make sense of the spot, will ask themselves what it means that it is invisible.  But the invisibility has no meaning. The technique may get attention once, but the trick will only disappoint viewers who quickly realize that the invisibility is a device without purpose.

When the truck becomes visible, the screen reads “THE BEAST IS REVEALED.”   On the surface, the copy is telling viewers that the big, tough, powerful truck is a beast.  On another level, it sounds like a reference to the book of Revelations.   The copy does not rescue the ad but coming after the supernatural invisible truck, the religious interpretation may be intended.  Unfortunately, the meaning of the whole ad is still a mystery.

The visuals and copy together are more likely to leave viewers scratching their heads than heading to a showroom.

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