Intel Takes Us Inside a Strange Diner

Intel Takes Us Inside a Strange Diner


If linear, logical videos were persuasive, this one might work well.

Online videos are a chance to make an association between the brand and the reward it offers.  This video does make an association but the association is between the brand and the annoyance of a monotasking computer.  Never mind that the video presents Intel as the antidote to a monotasking computer.  What is literally said in a video is not that important.  If viewers did pay attention to what is literally said in ads, the side effects described in drug ads would have consumers shivering at the sight of the pills.

This video pairs the brand with the problem, not with the solution.  Why not show viewers the pleasure of multitasking at least in contrast with monotasking?  Give people a little sample of what it is like to use a new computer with Intel inside.

Personifying the problem with the quirky restaurant and waitress, brings the annoyance of monotasking to life but it also makes the watching the video an annoying experience, certainly not one to be shared.  Viewers will automatically and unconsciously ask themselves “What sort of brand would make an annoying video?”  The answer won’t be “A brand that makes things more fun.”

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