Infinity’s Humor Fades, But Timid Image Remains

Infinity’s Humor Fades, But Timid Image Remains


The ad speaks to people who are considering buying a performance luxury car. Infinity doesn’t want to change what those people want. Rather it wants to show them that the best way to get what they want is to buy an Infinity rather than a BMW.

The ad tells viewers a story about Infinity drivers and BMW drivers with the part of the Infinity driver played by an earnest, apologetic son and the part of the BMW driver played by a disappointed dad. The camera pauses over  old family photos in which the contemporaneous BMWs figure prominently. When the son tries to explain his car choice, the dad says, “This isn’t the way we raised you.” Viewers understand that both the son and his dad could buy whatever car they want because everything about the ad screams affluence—soundtrack, clothes, landscaping, home, fireplace, and interior decoration.

On one level, Infinity is telling viewers that it is a brand so cool and self-aware that it can make fun of the seriousness of luxury car choice. On this level, the story is over-the-top, not meant to be taken seriously.

On another level, Infinity associates itself with the young son who is not afraid to make a change while it associates BMW with a conventional choice and the past. Unfortunately, the open-minded son is timid and apologetic, not at all what buyers of performance luxury cars want their car to communicate. In fact, the hard-ass dad may come closer to the self-image performance buyers would like.

With this ad, Infinity tells viewers that Infinity is a luxury brand with a clever sense of humor but also suggests its drivers are sheepish. The funny story will fade but the meek image will remain.

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