Twix Imagines Competition Between Halves

Twix Imagines Competition Between Halves


The ad pits the left half of a Twix candy bar against the right half. Not a laugh riot but a mildly humorous idea.  Adding to the “fun,” each side of the Twix bar has picked a different version of Nick Lachey as its spokesperson. The squabbling Lachey’s add a little humor or, if viewers aren’t paying close attention, add a little confusion.

Unfortunately, the fantasy competition results in Nick Lachey describing one-half of the candy bar as an inferior product and describing himself as a sellout. 

But the arguing versions of Nick Lachey do give Twix a reason to repeat its product attributes with little change—“Rich, creamy peanut butter in a crunchy cookie smothered in chocolate” vs. “Smooth, velvety peanut butter in a crunchy cookie smothered in chocolate.”

Effective persuasion should translate these candy bar attributes into how it feels to eat a Twix bar. Attributes are just a means to an end. Candy bar buyers want the feeling.

Twix has decided that its peanut butter, crunchy cookie, and chocolate translate into a fun eating experience.  Twix has chosen to communicate the fun of eating the candy bar by the silly, mildly amusing competition between halves.  An entertaining ad would lead people to expect a fun experience, but, for this to work, the ad needs to be more entertaining.  This somewhat entertaining ad tells viewers that, “Eating a Twix is somewhat enjoyable.”

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