Weight Watchers Highlights the Problem Not the Solution.

Weight Watchers Highlights the Problem Not the Solution.


“If you’re human, eat your feelings.”  Happy, sad, lonely, bored, or stressed, any feeling calls for a snack.  Unfortunately, “Your face will surely show it.”

The ad illustrates the human truth that almost anything encourages us to eat and almost nothing encourages us not to.

Eating is the easy part.  Weight Watchers is there to help us with the hard part, being careful what we eat.

The problem of overeating is dramatized and set to music for 55 out of 60 seconds.  The solution is limited to 5 seconds of words on the screen without even a voice-over.  Choreographing, filming, and accompanying the problem with music is the easy part.   Getting people interested in the solution is the hard part.

Give viewers a little sample of the help Weight Watchers offers for the hard part.  Let viewers see that the group of people who already use weight watchers is a group they would like to join.

This ad will get people depressed about their overeating, but it won’t get anyone excited about calling weight watchers.

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