Iconic, buff, and bald character in a white outfit still sells

Iconic, buff, and bald character in a white outfit still sells


The iconic, buff, and bald character in the white outfit personifies the brand, Mr. Clean. He is a marvelous visual device signaling the brand to viewers even if the sound is off. He is in the ad from start to finish so viewers will be reminded of the brand even if they only catch a few seconds.

The brand seeks mental presence. And the ad delivers. When considering any cleaning task, Mr. Clean is a little more likely to pop into mind.   That mental presence is amplified by the innocuous but memorable jingle.

The upbeat jingle and its cheery performance do more than improve the brand’s mental presence. They, in a small way, transform the experience of cleaning. Advertisers know that people experience what they expect to experience. The jingle and its happy performers create the expectation that the job of cleaning with Mr. Clean won’t be so onerous. In fact, it might be almost pleasant.

This is an old-fashioned ad done in a self-consciously old fashioned style. Its modesty and its reference back to a simpler time work.

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