Hyundai Lets the Audience Convince Themselves

Hyundai Lets the Audience Convince Themselves


Any ad implicitly promises the audience that it is worthy of their attention. The audience is well aware of this promise and is disappointed in the advertiser who fails to deliver. Hyundai delivers. A funny idea, well executed, and carried off by likeable comedian, Kevin Hart, merits attention.

As a solid entry in the derby for best-liked commercial on the Super Bowl, this ad got talked about during and after the game increasing Hyundai’s mental availability. That’s how easily the brand comes to mind when people think about cars.

The ad takes a Hyundai benefit, car finder, which is rational, uncertain (Are you really going to need it?), and delayed (You certainly won’t need it till you need it.) and translates it into a reward that is emotional, certain and immediate. Instead of thinking about the practical benefit of locating the car, you think about how good it would feel knowing you could locate your car if you wanted.

Lastly, Hyundai makes use of one of the rules of the art of advertising—never say explicitly what the audience can provide on their own. No need to make a claim. Just tell a story and let the audience draw the conclusion for themselves.

It would be nice for Hyundai if they had a more recognizable logo. For those who do recognize it, the ad shows the logo clearly at the beginning. For the rest of us, the brand is both mentioned and shown.

Hyundai succeeds on the Super Bowl where many car companies have failed.

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