How Would It Feel to Own a Buick?

How Would It Feel to Own a Buick?


Vehicles of comparable style and price, though they come from different brands, are nearly indistinguishable.  What sets a vehicle apart is how potential owners expect the vehicle will make them feel.  Marketing communication creates those expectations.

How should potential owners expect a Buick will make them feel?   This commercial gives the brand a brief window to memorably communicate that feeling, but the brand doesn’t take advantage of it.  Some brands suggest a feeling of masculinity, of style, of savvy, or of exhilaration.  Buick suggests a feeling of practicality as illustrated by being able to quickly return to a store to exchange a potentially embarrassing purchase.

The commercial is not a complete waste.  Its frequent airing improves the brand’s mental availability making the Buick brand come to mind more easily.  Its catchy and distinctive music, young and attractive users, and amusing situation strive to replace the dated associations the brand normally spawns.  But the commercial could have done more.

Buick should think about what feeling they want to promise a potential owner.  Surely they can promise more than a feeling of practicality.

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