How To Avoid Raising a Bad Driver

How To Avoid Raising a Bad Driver


This is a simple, beautiful, persuasive PSA.

A child pretends to be driving and doing a bad job of it.  Viewers see that puppet strings control the child’s movements.  Eventually, viewers realize that the controlling ends of the puppet strings attach to the child’s father. The child is imitating his father’s every movement, every facial expression, and every attitude.

In silence, the ad asks, “What sort of driver are you raising?”

Persuasive advertising talks about what people want and shows them how to get it. This ad talks about something people don’t want and shows them how to avoid it. The ad has no spoken dialogue, and none is needed. Viewers see the child is a simply a smaller version of themselves. The way to avoid raising a bad driver is to avoid driving badly. The way to raise a good driver is to drive well.

The puppet metaphor communicates the primary way children learn better than any explanation could. All parents know the truth of the metaphor and are a little frightened of the responsibility they bear. A well-done reminder, like this ad, keeps that thought in the forefront of their minds.

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