Should Mutiny Should Mutiny


When planning a trip, you will need a hotel.  When you need a hotel, why not go to the site with “hotel” in its name, the obvious choice,

To increase the chances that, the obvious choice, pops into people’s heads when they need a hotel, brought Captain Obvious to life.

Captain Obvious is more than a quirky device to aid memory.  As the central focus of each entire ad, Captain Obvious has become the spokesperson, the personification of the brand.  He is the one thing that millions of advertising dollars have associated with

This might not have been a problem if Captain Obvious was likeable and funny.  But Captain Obvious is more strange than likeable.  His lines, e.g. “The hotel pool is usually filled with water.” generate more of a groan than a smile.    Though delivered with all the comedic energy Captain Obvious can muster, the lines fall flat.  It may be difficult to make the obvious funny but it is not impossible.  “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” was both. might do many things to remind viewers to visit website when they need a hotel.  But by making Captain Obvious the centerpiece of their advertising, suggests that their brand, though earnest, is as clueless as the captain.

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