Hotdogs Want Heinz

Hotdogs Want Heinz


Heinz is far and away the market leader in ketchup with 60% of the market when no competitor has even a third of that. Heinz mustard is a fledging brand tagging along.

To hold and grow its leadership position, Heinz has created this charming commercial that demonstrates the brand’s confidence and fun. The ad got people talking during and after the Super Bowl increasing Heinz’s already significant mental availability. When people think of ketchup, Heinz automatically springs to mind. At the same time, Heinz reminded people of its popularity and buyers are highly attuned to the preference others feel for the brand.

Like any food product, Heinz needs to communicate good taste. Since good taste is so hard to communicate directly, brands often communicate instead extraordinary desire for the product. Viewers translate that desire into good taste. In a funny and memorable double metaphor, Heinz shows viewers hotdog dogs (Dachshunds) in hotdog suits racing in slow motion toward giant Heinz bottles.

No need for a fact filled discourse on why Heinz is better. The message is simple—hotdogs want Heinz. Viewers can see it in action and tell themselves the message.

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