Honda HR-V: Just Right or Out of Balance

Honda HR-V: Just Right or Out of Balance


Crossovers are a category of vehicles combining features of an SUV and a passenger car. People looking for a crossover are people who are not willing to commit to one platform or another but rather look to combine the best of both.

Honda wants their new HR-V crossover to come to mind whenever people think about this sort of balancing of vehicle qualities. Honda has produced an interesting special effects, video metaphor about trade-offs. As characters in the ad correct one facial feature, they distort another.

The effects keep viewers’ attention and give the HR-V some awareness and association with vehicle trade-offs.

But the ad doesn’t do exactly what Honda wanted. Honda’s words attempt to associate the HR-V with the sweet spot when everything is just the way you want it. But the powerful images overwhelm the words. Visually, the HR-V is associated not with getting everything just the way you want it but with the idea that getting one thing right leads to a distortion in something else.

The ad is a step in the right direction, but when looking at an HR-V, prospects will be looking for the distortion.

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