Gunfighter Skill in a Bartender

Gunfighter Skill in a Bartender



Why feature a quirky bartender with gunfighter-like, beverage dispenser skill who works accompanied by a rockabilly hit from The Phantom?

Did Southern Comfort make the ad because Southern Comfort really is young, hip, and confident with a wacky sense of humor?

Of course not.  Southern Comfort is owned by Brown-Foreman, one of the largest spirits businesses in the world.  Southern Comfort does what it does to make money.  To make money, Southern Comfort must appeal to young drinkers who would like to appear confident with a wacky sense of humor.

The motive for the message is profit but the motive is irrelevant.  Viewers only pay attention to action of the brand in making and presenting the ad.  Southern Comfort moves its image in a hip direction and its motive is ignored.

The bartender earns an adoring stare from a female patron, but he does make a mess, and ignores his hard working colleague.  Over 150,000 views but the ad still leaves Southern Comfort a little short of their goal.

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