Good Comic, Weak Material

Good Comic, Weak Material


Heineken Light squanders Neal Patrick Harris.

Young men who buy imported beer or craft beer want to seem sophisticated, charming, irreverent, and fun.  Neal Patrick Harris is a good choice to play the Heineken Light drinker.  He is sophisticated, charming, irreverent, and fun and he seems eager to drink the beer.

But young men won’t be eager to see this spot again or to share it with their friends.

This spot tells a joke.  While there is no recipe for jokes, all good jokes are unexpected, provocative, and true.  The joke here is that Neal Patrick Harris would like to be able to drink the Heineken Light in the ad but it’s not allowed.  This may be true but it is hardly unexpected or provocative.

If the joke is not funny, how much fun can the beer be?  The viewer can’t help inferring the qualities of the beer and its drinkers from the qualities of the ad.

Neal does his best but he’s working with weak material.

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