Getting There Is Murder But Arriving Is Fantastic

Getting There Is Murder But Arriving Is Fantastic


On vacation, the journey sucks, but the destination is sweet. In this and a series of similar ads, associates their brand with that moment of transition from miserable to awesome. Of course, the ad entertains by adding a little art–specifically, exaggerating the agony of the journey and the ecstasy of the destination.

But the ad does more. This little drama teaches viewers what to expect from the transition. Expectation guides experience. The improved expectation can and does lead to more pleasant transition.

Lastly, the ad paints a picture of the type of person who uses—someone who is likeable, not very sophisticated, and a little unsure, but hoping to take pride in the result. (The know-it-all, show off, bully, paintball champion boss in one ad is a misstep.) That is a group we are happy to join if we don’t already feel we belong.

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