General Television-Okay.  Super Bowl-No.

General Television-Okay. Super Bowl-No.


This is an ad that functions at an elementary level.  The ad associates Jublia, the brand name, with toe nail fungus.  Since nothing else comes to mind when thinking of toe nail fungus, the strategy can be effective.

We pay the most attention to and assume the superiority of names that come most easily to mind.  This cartoon of a football game featuring a big toe with toe nail fungus wearing a Jublia helmet is sufficiently memorable to increase the mental availability of the brand name.

As long as the ad shows a cartoon of toe nail fungus being attached by Jublia, why not show a cartoon of a healthy toe nail which defeated the fungus?  Give the viewer a taste of victory.

As an ad on normal television, it is okay.  As an ad on the Super Bowl, it was a mistake.  Viewers expect Super Bowl ads to entertain and are disappointed when they don’t.  The Jublia ad isn’t the least bit entertaining.  Why spend a lot of money to place the ad where it will disappoint the audience?

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