Gatorade Says, “Not All Sweat Is Created Equal.”

Gatorade Says, “Not All Sweat Is Created Equal.”


Gatorade shows viewers the group they join by drinking Gatorade. Prospects will be eager to participate.

Gatorade does more than show viewers product users. Gatorade gives viewers a sample of what it feels like to drink the product. Maybe all users won’t be working up a sweat with quite the dedication of the people in this ad. No matter. They can still participate in the feeling. Gatorade talks about how people want to feel and shows them how to feel that way.

On one level, Gatorade is selling a restorative sports drink. On another level, Gatorade is selling the feeling of pushing yourself to new levels. The feeling makes Gatorade more desirable than other sports drinks that have nearly identical ingredients. Advertising is the last step in the manufacturing process. The pleasure of drinking Gatorade depends not only on the physical qualities of the liquid in the bottle but also on the emotional qualities that have been added by advertising.

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