Heavy on overeating.  Light on solution.

Heavy on overeating. Light on solution.


This ad spends the first fifty seconds and all of its energy telling viewers that overeating is a systemic, societal problem.  It makes for some colorful visuals, but viewers are already familiar with the problem, especially viewers who are likely candidates for Weight Watchers.

What holds back people who should be Weight Watchers customers?  Lack of faith in the Weight Watchers solution.  Prospective customers are not sure the Weight Watchers approach will work for them.  They are not sure they are ready for the time, effort, and financial commitment that Weight Watchers requires.  They are not sure they want to see themselves as “Weight Watchers Customers.”

This ad was an opportunity to redefine Weight Watchers requirements, success rate, and customers.  But the ad spent the bulk of the time giving viewers images of overeating in America.

For five seconds, viewers see a blank plate with the exhortation to take back control. Finally, in the last five seconds, viewers see the Weight Watchers logo with the slogan, “Help with the hard part” and are offered the opportunity to lose the first 10 pounds for “free,” if they make a purchase.

Instead of reminding people of the problem, why not get people excited about the solution?

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