For People Who Like to Drink Beer

For People Who Like to Drink Beer


This ad spends a lot of time on ingredients and the brewing process with shots of barley, hops, beechwood chips, and massive stainless kettles.  Budweiser is proud of the way it brews beer.

But this ad is about drinkers.  The main message is the people who drink Budweiser in contrast to the people who drink microbrews.

Budweiser drinkers seem to enjoy lively, even raucous social gatherings where the beer flows freely.  The waitress delivers six Budweisers at a time.  Cases are being unloaded from the back of a pickup.  We see and we read that people who drink Budweiser are people who like to drink beer.

On the other hand, people who drink microbrews seem to be fussy, nerdy people who drink in solitary or in small, quiet social gatherings where the emphasis is on smelling and sipping, not drinking.  No smiles.  No laughter.

The music throughout is assertive and fun, enhancing the scenes of Budweiser consumption and contrasting with the scenes of microbrew consumption.

In time with the music, words appear on the screen, a lot of them.  Most are unnecessary though they serve as a kind of visual percussion for the music.  The images deliver the message.  But two thoughts are worth spelling out: “People who drink our beer are people who like to drink beer.” and “Let them sip their pumpkin, peach ale.”

Budweiser has decided to take on microbrews and has decided to contrast sipping with drinking and quiet refinement with social fun.

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