For BofA, One Reason Would Be Better Than Four

For BofA, One Reason Would Be Better Than Four


Viewers of this ad have to be wondering what Bank of America would like them to do. Does the bank want them to get one of their credit cards, open a checking account, take out a loan, or what? Bank of American might say, “Any of the above.” But, without some focus, viewers are likely to be confused and are unlikely to do anything.

Bank of American offers four reasons to do whatever it is they would like people to do. Strangely, four reasons are not as good as one. People don’t accumulate the reasons. They average them. Additional reasons don’t make the best one more motivating. More reasons just water it down. Bank of America should figure out which reason is most motivating and feature that one. If different ideas appeal to different targets, the bank should create different ads for each target.

In this ad, the cast personifies the bank. If the characters seem inept, the bank seems inept. Viewers will ask themselves whether these three represent the level of talent Bank of America will apply to their business, and those viewers will wonder if they should take their business elsewhere.

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