Fiorina invites voters to “Look at this face.”

Fiorina invites voters to “Look at this face.”


No discussion of issues, no statement of positions, nonetheless, the ad creates a strong and positive impression of Carly Fiorina.

Voters pay little attention to what candidates say but pay a lot of attention to how candidates say it. They ask themselves, “What sort of a candidate would make an ad like this?” Voters feel that how candidates communicate is a clear indication of who those candidates are and of what those candidates think of the voters they are addressing.

Based on this ad, Fiorina seems confidently assertive, proud to be a woman and a candidate and seems to think her viewers can understand a message that isn’t a lecture.

Trump gave Fiorina a gift when he made her face an issue. She shows that comment to be an insult to all women and takes the opportunity to suggest, by the quick cuts of many women’s faces and uplifting music, that women in general back her candidacy.

Fiorina doesn’t tell people what to think. She doesn’t talk down to them. She invites them to participate in the message and arrive at their own conclusions about Carly Fiorina.

Without Trump’s gift, this would have been a good ad. With Trump’s gift, it’s two steps forward.

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