Everyday, unsung, heroism

Everyday, unsung, heroism


This ad is a solid execution of a flawed strategy.

The ad warmly associates the Whirlpool brand with parenting, specifically, single fatherhood. The dad, his mundane activities, his emotions, his relationship with his son, and Whirlpool (which plays a routine part in the dad’s activities) all seem honest and real. With the help of Whirlpool, the dad is an everyday, unsung hero.

If Whirlpool were a new brand, or an insubstantial brand, or an inexpensive brand, everyday heroism would be an ideal association. But Whirlpool is well established, substantial, and not cheap. When a person is comparing appliances, they know they will have to live with their choice for 15 years or so. Appliance shoppers are looking to get the best their budget can afford. Whirlpool doesn’t need potential buyers to think, “This is a real, honest, everyday brand.” Whirlpool wants them to think, “Wow, I can get a Whirlpool.”

For a brand like Admiral, this ad would be terrific. Whirlpool should aim a little higher than real, honest, and everyday.

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