Easy May Not Be Enough for Tombstone

Easy May Not Be Enough for Tombstone

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Simple, amusing illustration conveys Tombstone’s relaxed, light-hearted personality and reinforces Tombstone’s ease of preparation. But Tombstone might have aimed higher.

“Easy meal” certainly describes Tombstone, but it also describes just about any pizza in the freezer case. People looking for an easy meal might be inclined buy a frozen pizza, but this ad gives them no reason to reach for a Tombstone. People will reach for a Tombstone pizza if it is better than other frozen pizzas in some way. The ad might suggest that a Tombstone pizza is better liked by family and guests, or a Tombstone pizza tastes better in general or has a better crust or a better sauce, or better seasoning, or something, or a Tombstone pizza prepares faster or easier, or, with Tombstone, you get more for the same price.

Nothing about the ad suggests that Tombstone pizza is a better choice. Tombstone has a pleasant personality, but the personality is not enough to convey all Tombstone needs to convey. Tombstone’s personality doesn’t do enough to suggest the pleasure of a Tombstone pizza.

By the way, since the ad is selling food, it should at least be appetizing. It isn’t.

Certainly the ad is charming and light-hearted. If tombstone had illustrated its superiority in the same charming, light-hearted way, the brand would get the same visibility, would communicate the same personality, and, in addition, would have given prospective buyers a reason to reach for Tombstone.

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