Doritos Masters the Trick of Time Travel

Doritos Masters the Trick of Time Travel



Nice little sample of the pleasure of eating Doritos.  The ad communicates to viewers that people who like Doritos are fun and irreverent.

A boy encourages a man eating Doritos to enter a cardboard box labeled “time machine” and, of course to hand the bag of Doritos out to the boy.

Why is this not an example of children-behaving-badly?  The child who designed the imaginary time machine and encouraged the adult to enter is not dissing a parent or someone with a reasonable claim to authority over him.  The child is simply tricking an adult out of his Doritos. We are used to the rabbit outwitting the farmer and the fox outwitting the hunter.  We take no offense.

Advertising is an action of the brand.  Viewers judge the brand by its actions.  If the ad is fun and irreverent, the brand and its users must be fun and irreverent.  Brands rely on this simple inference.

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