Doritos Eaters Are Better Than This

Doritos Eaters Are Better Than This


Mom requests the kids’ help unloading the groceries from the car and the kids mock her. When the kids realize a bag of Doritos is among the groceries, they fight over the bag, open the bag, and start eating the Doritos without ever helping Mom and without Mom’s OK. Amazingly, at the end, Mom seems to approve of this behavior.

Children-behaving-badly is a common form of advertising but rarely an effective form. Sure, the ad says Doritos are desirable but it also clearly says that the behavior of people who like Doritos makes us uncomfortable. And what mother is going to buy Doritos for her kids after watching this?

In the viewer’s mind, only an obnoxious brand would glorify obnoxious behavior—a brand is what it does no matter why the brand does it.

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