Diet Dew Is Different

Diet Dew Is Different



Diet Dew, like most soft drinks, is flavored water that has been carbonated, colored, and caffeinated.  Diet Dew advertising doesn’t bother talking about the beverage in the can or bottle.  The advertising focuses on the Diet Dew drinker.  According to the advertising, Diet Dew drinkers are ordinary folks who act in an extraordinary way.  Diet Dew drinkers are unwilling to limit themselves to the narrow confines of the traditional way of doing things.  They are self-confident, adventurous, and admired rebels.  Diet Dew advertising creates an impression of Diet Dew drinkers that draws in many people, especially young people, making them want to join that club and become Diet Dew drinkers themselves.

The impression of Diet Dew drinkers that the ad creates also changes the experience of drinking the product.  When you drink Diet Dew you experience much more than the physical properties of the beverage.   Strange as it seems, when you drink the beverage, you consume the image as well and it goes down a lot better than the beverage alone would.

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