How Can You Show Great Taste?

How Can You Show Great Taste?


How can an advertiser communicate the pleasure of consuming the product?  Wheat Thins could show someone eating the product and groaning with pleasure but that gets old fast, and it’s hard to do in a way that viewers enjoy.  Wheat Thins and other advertisers take an alternative and more effective approach.  They exaggerate the desire for the product.  This desire can be dramatized in an unlimited number of ways and viewers infer the pleasure of eating from the hyperbolized desire.  What viewer infer they believ more readily than a claim.

In this ad, the exaggeration of the desire for Wheat Thins is fun and memorable.  The man tells his wife that he is sitting up with night vision goggles to keep an eye on his Wheat Thins.  When the wife asks who is going to take his Wheat Thins, the man sarcastically replies maybe the abominable snowman, a dog, or the neighbor.  Amazingly, all three go for his Wheat Thins simultaneously.

Viewers are left with a simple association: Wheat Thins and extraordinary desire.

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