Decline and Fall of Limes But Rise of a Brand

Decline and Fall of Limes But Rise of a Brand


How can a brand claim great taste in a believable way? Sauza 901 does it through a wacky story. The hero of the story is a lime named Rick “Sour” Vane played by Justin Timberlake. Rick, now washed up, relates a tale of rapid rise, dizzying fame and fortune, followed by decline and dissolution as limes went from a required accompaniment for tequila to an unnecessary afterthought.   Viewers learn that Sauza 901 tequila led to the downfall of limes. Sauza 901 is triple filtered and, as a result, is so smooth that limes are no longer required to cure “pucker face.”

The silly, funny story featuring cartoonish limes leads viewers to expect a smooth taste more persuasively than rational arguments and scenes of a triple filtering process. Sauza 901’s smoothness is the only way to make sense of a story viewers like so they infer, or tell themselves, that Sauza 901 is smooth.

Is Sauza 901 really smoother than other premium tequilas? Maybe. But, fortunately for Sauza 901, people tend to experience what they expect. Advertisers know they can improve the experience of a product by enhancing the expectation.

The video is a demonstration of the fact that how a brand speaks is much more important than what the brand literally says. People will pay little attention to what Sauza 901 literally says but people find how Sauza 901 speaks revealing of its true nature. Viewers apparently find Sauza 901 to be a brand they would enjoy spending time with and enjoy sharing with friends as evidenced by a million views of this three-minute video in a week.

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