Communication by visual and verbal metaphor

Communication by visual and verbal metaphor


GE corporate ads are generally outstanding. A humdrum corporate ad would only communicate that the corporation was humdrum so the ads had better be outstanding or shelved.

GE enhances its reputation with art, specifically the art of conversation, the art of inference, and the art of engagement.

A good conversationalist has something interesting to say. With upside down characters, perceptual illusions, and disordered announcer dialogue, the ad is intriguing.

The ad, as a conversationalist, invites the audience to participate in completing thoughts, solving simple puzzles, and figuring out what the ad is saying. Making sense of the unexpected visuals and the disordered commentary keeps viewers involved.

Leading viewers to the desired inference requires designing a commercial that obliges viewers to tell themselves the message in order to understand what is happening. Viewers are more likely to believe what they tell themselves even if the ad directs them to that inference.

The entire ad is a deviation from expectation, a visual and verbal metaphor for GE’s unconventional approach to problem solving. The metaphor keeps viewers engaged from beginning to end.

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