How Depend Combines Underwareness with Attitude

How Depend Combines Underwareness with Attitude

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People who fear incontinence hesitate to wear a Depend adult diaper for fear of embarrassment.  They feel that a bulky adult diaper would be noticeable under clothes.  They have an unfortunate choice—skip the adult diaper and risk the possibility of embarrassment or wear the adult diaper and suffer the certainty of embarrassment.

Depend takes on the fear of a bulky, noticeable undergarment directly.  Depend shows readers that its undergarments are not bulky and unnoticeable.  In doing so, Depend shows readers how to get what they want.

But Depend does a lot more.  Depend shows readers how to feel the way they would like to feel.  Emotional rewards are more motivating than practical rewards.

The model could have been shown from mid-thigh to waste and readers would get the message that the Depend undergarments are discreet.  Instead, Depend shows readers the model from head to foot.  Readers see the confident facial expression, the fashionable blouse, necklace, and sweater, the arrogant pose, and the stylish shoes.

Discreet is but an attribute.  The real reward of Depend is how the wearer will feel.

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