Charming, Entertaining, and Worthy of Attention

Charming, Entertaining, and Worthy of Attention


Android is the most popular operating system on the planet for mobile devices.  Its primary competitor, iOS, is available only on Apple devices.  Many manufactures offering hundreds of different devices use Android.  One manufacturer, Apple, uses iOS.

If you buy a device that uses Android, you can’t be positive it was designed by its manufacturer to work optimally with the Android operating system.  If you buy a device that uses iOS, that is an Apple device, you can be sure the manufacturer is committed to making it work optimally with the iOS operating system.  With Android, you have great flexibility but some risk.  With iOS, you have no flexibility but no risk.

This ad seeks to minimize the risk of Android and make potential buyers uncomfortable with the exclusive iOS-Apple connection.  It works via the art of conversation and the art of engagement.

In a conversation, the speaker implicitly promises the receiver that he has something to say that’s worthy of attention.  This ad, with its pairs of unlikely animal friends, is charming and entertaining and, judging from the twelve million views on You Tube, is worthy of attention.

In a conversation, the speaker leaves everything out of his message that the receiver can provide on his own.  If offered a drink at a party, you can simply say “No thanks.  I’m driving.”  An explanation of your response is not needed.  If fact, an explicit explanation could be insulting.  Of course the receiver can provide that explanation on his own.

This ad is a metaphor that leaves everything out that viewers can provide on their own.  Viewers happily seek an interpretation of the metaphor.  Viewers are engaged by the search for an interpretation of a collection of unlikely animal friends and the exhortation to “be together.  not the same.”

The interpretation viewers are likely to come up with is that the pairs of unlikely but charming animal friends represent Android working surprisingly well with a wide range of devices while iOS and Apple are the boring, restricting “same.”

Leading viewers to a conclusion is more persuasive than trying to shove it down their throats.

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