California Shames Water Wasters

California Shames Water Wasters


If the goal is to goal were to shame people who waste water during the California drought, the ad is persuasive. People are responsive to the preferences of others. In this case, the others are represented by a Golden Bear, symbolizing the state of California. In this water crisis, the people of California are understandably upset at anyone unnecessarily using water. That concern comes across.

But the primary goal of the ad is to encourage people to log on to The reward for logging on doesn’t get much play in the ad. The announcer tells viewers that they can “learn to save water, energy, and money at People will quickly forget what the announcer says if they even hear it in the first place. Viewers don’t get the impression that people who log on are people they would like to join. They don’t get a small sample of the benefit of logging on. The ad isn’t really about logging on to the website. The ad is about a bear getting angry with someone wasting water and a bear getting honey with a forklift. What’s said in the meantime about logging on to some website is just noise.

The ad effectively shames water wasters but doesn’t effectively encourage people to long on.

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