Beautiful Solution to Someone Else’s Problem

Beautiful Solution to Someone Else’s Problem


Century 21’s marvelous cardboard cityscapes, playful, wordless animation, and charming merry-go-round music create a work of art. Unfortunately, Century 21’s art doesn’t address Century 21’s problem.

When people are pondering which real estate agency to deal with, they will base their decision on their perception of which will make the process of selling or buying the most pleasant. That might mean their expectations of speed, professionalism , the number of customers or properties the agency can tap into, or how well the agent will understand their desires.   When people are thinking about selling or buying real estate, they are not thinking about cardboard boxes and which agency would make the move itself most pleasant.

The ad romances moving day and glorifies the cardboard box. It might work great for Mayflower moving, but it misses what people want from a real estate agency.

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