Audi Beats Viewers over the Head with its Metaphor

Audi Beats Viewers over the Head with its Metaphor


Oh, I get it…Audi drivers don’t follow the predictable, expected path; they are more interesting and adventurous than others. But I got it in the first 5 seconds and the ad labors on for another 55 seconds. The ad strings together seven scenes of following the script, none of them very funny.

After showing us dozens of people holding and following a printed script, the protagonist drops his and gets in an Audi. The car company tells us through words on the screen to “Break from the script.”

Metaphor can be a powerful way to communicate because viewers have to think about what is happening and have to put a little effort into understanding. In interpreting the metaphor, viewers will often tell themselves more than the advertiser would be able to say explicitly. Metaphor can make an ad more interesting and involving for viewers.

But, in this case, Audi beats viewers over the head with in seven, uninteresting repetitions of its metaphor. Just in case anyone missed the meaning, Audi prints it on the screen.

Viewers inevitably draw inferences about the advertiser from the ad. With this spot, Audi shows viewers that it is uninspired, trying to be cool, and believes that its prospective customers need help to understand its commercials.

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