Audi Commercial Amuses But Confuses

Audi Commercial Amuses But Confuses


On one level, the ad ridicules compromise and says Audi would never compromise. But the ad actually pairs Audi with the amusing consequences of an unfortunate compromise–joining a small dog’s body with the head of a Doberman.

Funny but confusing.

On the positive side, the ad suggests the brand has a sense of humor. On the negative side, the ad links the brand with an unfortunate attempt at compromise. To confuse the viewer further, after criticizing compromise, the ad ends with a pleasant compromise.

The ad seeks to make “compromise” the enemy and to disassociate Audi with compromise but the ad unintentionally links Audi with compromise.

Rather than show us what Audi isn’t, the ad should show us what Audi is—the unlikely combination of lovable aggression.

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